Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

9:01 AM

Hello there! Today I wanted to talk about another change I've been trying to make in my life recently and that is creating my own capsule wardrobe. For those of you who have never heard of a capsule wardrobe, its basically a collection of clothing that includes only items that you considered essential. The idea is to have clothing, normally around twenty four items, which can be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of outfits. This is an easy way to discover things about yourself and what your preferences are when it comes to clothing. I've also found that it has made getting ready in the morning so much easier! Here are some helpful tips on how to create your own capsule wardrobe. 

1.) Closet Clean Out 

The only way to truly know how much you actually have is to get it all out in the open. Take everything out of your closet and closely assess each item. Does this item bring you joy? Does it make you feel good when you put it on? Do you feel comfortable in this item? Only keep the things that you absolutely love.

2.) Survey your love pile 

After you've decided what you want to keep, go through and write down what you love about each piece of clothing. Take note of color, pattern, material, texture, style, etc. Use this as future reference when you go out to buy new clothing. Knowing what you love and what you feel good in will help you make better purchases for yourself.

3.) Self Discovery 

It's weird  to think that cleaning out your closet can lead to self discovery, but it totally can! When you get rid of all the excess stuff that's just laying around in your closet, what you're left with is you! I am a firm believer that clothing is a form of outward self-expression. Once you figure out what brings you joy and what you feel the most comfortable in, then I promise, you will feel all the more confident about yourself. 

4.) Your Lifestyle 

It's also important to take into consideration the activities that you partake in. Look at your daily life, and what you realistically wear. I used to have five pairs of heels that never ever wore. I liked the idea of rocking those heels, but in reality, I hate wearing heels. And when I say hate, I really mean hate! I live in the city where I do a lot of walking and I need to have comfortable shoes on hand at all time, so it really didn't make any sense for me to have five pairs of heels. 

5.) Your Closet 

So you've cleaned out your closet and you've downsized to only the items that truly bring you joy, but something is still missing. It's okay to create a wishlist or dream closet. Think about the items that would complete your closet and check them off. Sites like Pintrest, Polyvore, and Cladwell are great for finding closet inspiration and creating little clothing wishlists. 

I hope these little tips and tricks have help you out. I would love to hear about your capsule wardrobe journey, so please leave a comment below! I do plan on sharing a more in depth post about my capsule wardrobe, so check back! 

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