North Ave Beach, Saved By The Max, and Navy Pier

3:00 PM

My feet hurt so bad from yesterday, but I guess that's how you know it was a good day! My mom came down to the city for a little visit and we had a lot of fun! We went up north to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo and it was really enjoyable. We got there around four so the sun was going down and it was nice and breezy. I don't have any photographs from the zoo because I don't really see a point in taking them. I'd rather observe the animals than have a camera glued to my face, but that's just me. I think my favorite animals that I got to see were probably either the bats or the African wild dogs. They were both so playful and lively. I loved seeing them interact with each other. 

After the zoo we walked over to North Ave. Beach, which I had no idea was so close to Lincoln Park Zoo. I had never been before, but it was absolutely lovely. Since it was later in the day there weren't many people there, so that made for a nice stroll along the beach! They have these really nice docks, I'm not sure if that's the right word for them, that go a little ways out in the water that you can walk out on. The waved were really high and they kept sweeping over the top of the dock and the water felt so good under my feet. Since it's now the middle of July the lake has had time to warm up so the water was really nice! 

We drove West for dinner in Wicker Park. I wanted to take my mom to Native Foods Cafe, which is probably my favorite vegan restaurant in all the land! If you ever find yourself there, try the Chicken Ranch Burger! It's beyond amazing! Also, I think their fries are probably my new favorite...sorry Steak n' Shake! 

While in Wicker Park I though it would be cool to check out Saved By The Max, the Saved By The Bell pop up restaurant. I remember waking up at some god awful hour in the mornings when I was younger to watch the show with my mom, so I thought that it was something that we should do together. It was honestly worth the forty something minutes that we stood outside waiting to be seated. We just got some soda and desert to share and hung out. Really, really cool experience! Highly suggest that you check it out before its gone in December!

To end our night, we drove over to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks that they have every weekend celebrating their 100th anniversary. I love watching all of the people watching the fireworks together. There's just something magical about seeing all sorts of different people gathered together in awe. Such a happy picture in my mind! It was also really cool to see the new Ferris wheel up close. 

I had a really awesome day! Thanks mom for coming out to play!

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  1. That pop-up restaurant looks so amazing! I used to love saved by the bell when I was younger, though it's a shame you had to wait so long.
    xo April | April Everyday